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Dumjee Festival

As the Spring season is almost over , the people of Namche is getting ready to celebrate the festival named Dumjee from the 7th of june .This Festival is celebrated every year and we Hotel Sherpaland Family are happy to be one of the host of this festival this year. It is celebrated till the end of June. This festivaL iscelebrated for the peace and good worthy for the village. There will be numerous Puja in Tengboche Monastry which will be held by the head lama. Anyways keep coming back for more update....Ciao.

U.S Department of State Cancels Travel Warning For Nepal( December 7,2011)

In recognition of improved conditions of Nepal, the U.S Department of State has cancelled the travel warning that was most recently issued on January 12,2011. The U.S embassy is pleased that the overall situation of Nepal has improved to such a degree that this decision could be made. For the further information check the website

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Telephone : 038 540450
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Our Menu

Country Breakfast Rs 500/-
Two eggs any style served w/ fried potatoes, toast, sausage and cup tea or coffee.
Sherpa Land Special Rs 500/-
Two eggs cheese omelette served w/ fried potatoes, pancake with honey and cup of tea or coffee.  
Trekkers Breakfast Rs 450/-
Two eggs any style, two slices of toast w/ jam /butter or honey, musli or cornflakes and cup of tea or coffee.  
Slice of plain Bread / Toast Rs 50/-
2 Slices of toast w/ jam, butter, honey Rs 150/-
2 Slices of French toast w/ honey Rs 200/-
2 Slices of cheese toast Rs 200/-
Plain pancake w/ jam, butter, honey Rs 200/-
Plain Chapatti Rs 100/-
Chapatti w/ cheese Rs 150/-
Boiled egg    (2 eggs) Rs 200/-    
Plain Omelette Rs 150/-
Cheese Omelette Rs 200/-
Tomato/Onion Omelette Rs 200/-
Scramble egg Rs 200/-
Fried egg Rs 150/-
Musli w/ milk Rs 200/-
Cornflakes w/ milk Rs 200/-
Oat porridge Rs 200/-
Thali ( Dal, Bhat, Tarkari,chicken curry and Achar ) Rs 450/-
Dal Bhat & Tarkari Rs 350/-
Rice w/ chicken curry Rs 400/-
Rice w/ vegetable curry Rs 300/-
Plain rice Rs 100/-
Fried rice Rs 150/-
Veg. fried rice Rs 300/-
Meat fried rice Rs 350/-
Egg fried rice Rs 300/-
Mixed fried rice Rs 400/-
Righee kur ( Potato pancake w/ butter and sauce ) Rs 150/-
Meat Thendug (Sherpa stew) Rs 300/
Veg. Thendug (Sherpa stew) Rs 250/
Meat momo ( Steamed w/ Sauce ) Rs 250/-
Meat momo ( Fried w/ Sauce ) Rs 270/-
Veg.momo ( Steamed w/ Sauce ) Rs 240/-
Veg. & cheese momo ( Steamed w/ Sauce ) Rs 270/-
Veg. & cheese momo ( Fried w/ Sauce ) Rs 280/-
Veg. chowmein Rs 300/-
Meat chowmein Rs 350/-
Mixed chowmein Rs 400/-
Cheese pizza Rs 360/-
Salami pizza Rs 400/-
Veg. pizza Rs 380/-
Mixed pizza Rs 500/-
Tuna pizza Rs 400/-
Spaghetti  w/ garlic & oil Rs 300/-
Spaghetti Bolognese Rs 400/-
Spaghetti w/ tomato sauce Rs 350/-
Macoroni w/ cheese Rs 320/-
Paper steak (served w/ vegetables) Rs 450/-
Yak steak w/ mushroom sauce (served w/ vegetables) Rs 500/-
Garlic mustard steak (served w/ vegetablesc) Rs 500/-
Buff sizzler (served w/ potato & noodles) Rs 500/-
Chicken sizzler ( served w/ potato & noodles ) Rs 550/-
Mixed spring rolls w/ sauce Rs 400/-
Veg. spring rolls  w/ sauce Rs 300/-
Chicken spring rolls w/ sauce Rs 350/-
Veg. & cheese spring rolls w/ sauce Rs 300/-
Potato hash brown Rs 200/-
Potato hash brown w/cheese Rs 250/-
Potato hash brown w/veg. Rs 250/-
Potato hash brown w/2 fried eggs Rs 300/-
Hash brown w/veg and 2 fried eggs Rs 350/-
French fry w/ 2 fried eggs

Rs 300/-

Fried potato Rs 150/-
Veg. fried potato Rs 200/-
Fried potato w/ cheese Rs 250/-
Fried potato w/ 2 fried eggs Rs 300/-
Mash potato w/ boiled veg Rs 300/-
Potato Soup Rs 150/-
Veg. soup Rs 150/-
Egg Soup Rs 150/-
Tomato Soup Rs 150/-
Chicken cream Soup Rs 150/-
Garlic soup Rs 150/-
Mushroom soup Rs 150/-
Rara Noodles soup w/ veg. Rs 200/-
Chicken Mushroom soup Rs 200/-
Rice, Dal , macaroni w/cheese, chicken roast, boiled vegetables, salad, desert (mixed fruits) Rs 700/-
Apple pie Rs 200/-
Mixed fruit (can) Rs 200/-
Rice pudding Rs 200/-
Apple pie w/ custard Rs 250/-
Potato chips Rs 150/-
Chicken chilly Rs 350/-
Fried Chicken Rs 350/-
Meat ball Rs 250/-
Potato chilly Rs 200/-
Pop corn Rs 150/-
Salad (cucumber, carrot and cheese) Rs 300/-
Hot Beverage Cup Small Thermos Medium Thermos Big Thermos
Milk tea Rs 80/- Rs 250/- Rs 450/- Rs 700 /-
Black tea Rs 50/- Rs 150/- Rs 300/- Rs 500/-
Lemon tea Rs 80/- Rs 300/- Rs 450/- Rs 800/-
Hot lemon w/ honey Rs 100/- Rs 300/- Rs 500/- Rs 850/-
Milk coffee Rs 100/- Rs 400/- Rs 600/- Rs 900/-
Black  coffee Rs 80/- Rs 250/- Rs 450/- Rs 700/-
Hot chocolate Rs 100/- Rs 400/- Rs 600/- Rs 900/-
Mint tea Rs 60/- Rs 200/- Rs 400/- Rs 650/-
Ginger tea Rs 70/- Rs 250/- Rs 400/- Rs 650/-
Coca Cola / Fanta / Sprite Rs 250/-
Mineral water Rs 100/-
Orange juice Rs 200/-
Apple juice Rs 200/-
Mango juice Rs 200/-
Mixed juice Rs 200/-
San Miguel Rs 300/-
Tuborg Rs 300/-
Carlsberg Rs 350/-
Everest Rs 300/-
30 ml. 60ml Bottle
Black lavel Rs 300/- Rs 500/- Rs 5000/-
Red lavel Rs 200/- Rs 350/- Rs 3500/-
Red Rs 350/-  
White Rs 350/-